There will be no evening  life drawing session Wednesday September 17 or Thursday September 18  due to another commitment for the studio. There will be a session on Friday evening.

Please pass the message on so no one is inconvenienced.

Next week it is back to the regular schedule.

Just wanted to say thank you to the artists and model who came to our first costumed night at Friday nights ArtCrawl. The Artcrawl was a great success, got to meet a lot of new friends. 22 Wilson Street was a beehive of activity the whole night. To the unknown artists that came in to join our drawing session, you did some wonderful drawings in such a short time. I hope you come back and join us on a regular basis.

i want to start a regular Tuesday night costumed session, if all those interested please email me and state the best day of availability. Also    let me know your ideas for fun and compelling costumes.

ElCamino Group Show

First El Camino members group show. Opening June 13 at ArtCrawl.

Come and see the creativity and talent at work in Hamilton. Since opening the studio less then two months ago, I have been astounded by the breadth and depth of the talent that is quietly and diligently honing their craft. I feel privileged to be able to provide this venue for them, as well I am blessed by having a wonderful group of models that work hard to inspire the art.

June 4 2014

ImageThe El Camino wants to host our first members group show, for ArtCrawl June 13th.

The show is open to everyone who has drawn at the studio, please contact me. 

There should be space for three pieces of work, one piece should represent work done at the studio. The other two pieces can be of any work you would want to promote.

the artwork needs to be at the studio by Tuesday  June 10th.

Forming a weekend drawing workshop, “Art for the timid”


If you have that itch to try your hand at drawing, but do not know how to begin.

i will be running a drawing basics workshop, as soon as I have filled a class.

e-mail me and let me know what day would be best, and let me know your drawing experience so I can tailor the workshop to your needs.

ImageMay  7 2014

We have a new exhibit starting on May 9 ArtCrawl.

Unknown Africa: Folk art from Ghana

these works have never been seen in Canada and have been unseen in 34 years.

There are canvas paintings, fabric art, batik, and sculptures all dating from 1979-80, in the time of upheaval in Ghana.

We will be open for Artcrawl Friday night till 10:00 pm